Art Photographer

My name is Hasan Ayouby, I started Hasanismic in 2016 as I discovered my passion for photography when I moved to Montreal perusing my PhD studies in Engineering. I always had my artistic side in me since childhood manifested earlier through paintings and later through my photography. It was my vivid imagination that kept me in need for such tools to express my emotions and ideas in ways that can't be spoken. "I remember my siblings telling me about the pieces of poetry they found under my mattress as a kid but I never went back to that haha". I'm fascinated by time and light and their mysterious nature! I use my photography to hack time.


I love shooting landscapes, nature & animals, urban & abandoned places and everything that is beautiful. I'm still on a journey and I'm still discovering what I really love everyday. We've been on this planet for so long yet too many to explore.  


The name started as my Instagram page which was only meant to be a funny way to demonstrate my reflection on my content. Then it turned to be the page that will grow into this website. My "why" behind Hasanismic is to bring as much value to people and show them how much beauty we are missing in our everyday routine. To focus on the positive and understand how to let go of the negative. To help them and myself to lead a happy life each in their own unique way.


Traveling taught me everything, and still is. You only understand what life is about when you're forced to be on your own. Whenever you get the chance, try to book a trip by yourself and go explore something you never saw before. I've visited different places in Canada, Greece, Cuba and surely my hometown Lebanon. Many pictures I've shared from those trips that I hope you like and I'm always welcoming your feedback.


For offers, collaborations & inquiries:

Currently In Montreal, Canada